District 'slams door' on pro-LGBT curriculum

District 'slams door' on pro-LGBT curriculum

Editado por: BNPRESS | A lawsuit by a group of parents -- and lots of complaints -- has led to the removal of controversial pro-homosexual curriculum in a California school district. The material at issue in the Alameda Unified School District gave a monopoly on anti-bullying and diversity instruction to only one protected class -- those under the category of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender).

"[It called out] children who were allegedly harassed based on sexual orientation or transgender status," explains California attorney Brad Dacus. "It completely left out children who were being harassed or bullied because of race, ethnicity, religion, [or] gender. It was a clear propaganda and indoctrination campaign."
The K-5 curriculum reportedly caused such controversy that the district had to contend with lawsuits, administrative complaints, and "marathon" meetings between school officials and hundreds of concerned parents.

Dacus, who heads up the Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute, tells OneNewsNow that his organization filed one of those lawsuits against the district. He reports that his clients have received some good news.
"We were just initially attempting to defend parents' rights to opt out their children from this curriculum," he says. "But as it turns out, because of the outcry of parents and other groups, this school district has slammed the door on it. It's called 'Lesson 9' -- and we're hopeful that other school districts will also learn from this and choose not to use 'Lesson 9.'"
While the lawsuit has been dropped, Dacus reminds parents they need to continue to be aware of what is going on in schools, ask the proper questions, and attend school board meetings.